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Professional Figure SRE/DevSecops Engineer
Last Update 11/03/2023 03:13 PM
Personal Information
Name KarnVeer Singh
Phone number *******
Email *******
Date of birth *******
Sex M
Job Experiance
Date (From - To) 11/03/2023 - 11/03/2023
Position Assitant Manager
Employer VOIS
Place of work
Activities and Responsibility Experience in RMS, RIB,SIM,RESA,RPM, and ORPOS. Good Hands on experiences with the Database Querying and management, shell scripting and PL/SQL procedures Automated opening and closing hours for 400+ stores in Oracle BO using java program which is scheduled to run at set time.Maintaing correct hours are crucial for sales audit. Reduced daily manual effort of 2~3hrs. Automated the sync up between BO and CO where BO holds financial transaction data of individual stores and CO is the central hub for all the data. Saved manual effort of ~3-4 hrs daily. Automated daily monitoring manual health check for Oracle cloud infrastrcuture application. Checks such as heap usage,latest deployments,server running status ,status of data source and performance.After completion of these checks an automatic email is triggered to team members. Automated generation of financial report containing data related to forward logistics stock on hand report and reverse logistics stock on hand report which we send to finance team on weekly basis. developed a shell script that will process data from ORPOS system to RESA application where from pos to resa data flows from resa web service.If the data is not processed it automatically gets stored in a table where it can be manually processed and if it predefined error it can be automated. Found and Fixed the bug in the exchange transaction flow. Wrote java program for restart of 400+ server to increase performance and decrease CPU utilization. Fixed the ORSIM stock count batch issue by reorganizing the table. Fixed .imp file issue where file was not getting loaded in HHT device creating issue with scanning of SKU's. Automated the ORSIM application user creation by creating script that will load the user data in backend and share the generated hashed password one to one with user over email. Developed a program to remove inactive user accounts over 3 months from ORSIM to save cost. Completely automated PO GRN journey in ORMS where no manual intervention is needed,even in case of error respective parties are intimated and after we get confirmation we repush that Purchase Order. Set up splunk dashboard alerts for servers. Created splunk dashboard to see that status of jar consumtion in ORPOS. created PLSQL procedure for fixing Carisma staging error issue. created OMX batch where batch executed bash script to generate Stock on Hand report for ORMS. Worked on automation for the PO_Reconciliation which we have to send on daily basis. Experiences working with OMX job monitor and troubleshooting by querying and analyzing OMX logs. Experiences in querying the splunk for finding the logs and triaging the issues. Knowledge on Weblogic Application Domain and OCI [ Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ]. Performed automation for resolution of incidents which are repeated in the behavior. Created high-level and low-level design documents for documentation purposes.
Education and Training
Date (From - To) 07/03/2016 - 06/01/2020
Title of study
Title of qualification
Name of Inistitue Education Vellore Institute of Technology
Place of work
Description BTech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Date (From - To) 01/01/0001 - 01/01/0001
Title of study
Title of qualification
Name of Inistitue Education Shiv jyoti Sr. Sec. School
Place of work
Description 12th
Date (From - To) 01/01/0001 - 01/01/0001
Title of study
Title of qualification
Name of Inistitue Education St.Paul's school
Place of work
Description 10
Other Skills
City Addis Ababa

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